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The Stickman Top Fifty Tracks of 2021


Despite the global struggles still holding us captive in many ways, 2021 has been a phenomenal year for creative music releases.

In what was no easy task, we’ve somehow managed to compile our top fifty tracks from across fifty weeks of One Hour Wonder playlists and what has been thousands of submissions from all genres and all corners of the world.

Arrangement was kept in mind to a degree, but for the most part – these are the songs and compositions with the greatest strengths; it could be catchy hooks, interesting lyrics, topical relevance, quirky traits, sublime performances, or pristine artistic production. In short, we narrowed it down from the good to the great, and then once again to the faultlessly impressive (in our opinion).

So, before we let you let in – please allow us to extend a MASSIVE THANK YOU to every single artist, songwriter, singer, band, producer and promoter we’ve worked with this year. Everyone who has sent in their music, had us write their bio or press release, even taken part in our somewhat invasive interviews – you’ve all helped make this year’s blog the most epic yet. THANK YOU for being you, and always STAY CREATIVE.

And now, without further ado, here’s the top fifty tracks – over three hours of independent music, from hard working acts who’ve absolutely nailed it in the songwriting and composition realms this year.

We’ll be spinning the playlist on repeat throughout December, and you should too! Listen from start to finish, or just dip in on occasion with shuffle activated – there’s no wrong order for these gems.


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Independent Music is Alive & Thriving – Be Part of It

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Featuring: Vella, Döbel & Nase, MAKELOVE, Zoos, Kirukah, Letters From Suburbia, Olivia Klugman, mei anima, Mr Jackson & Tyler Carlson, Kyle Jaymes, Bedryk, Maypo Deluxe, Emily Clair, Cavo, Yui Stonewell, Climbing Trees, Alex Julia, Daniel Blake, Bad Mother Nature, Estella Dawn, Hong Kong Stingray, Callipolis, Belau & Sexto Sentido, Idarose, Calabasas, The Mandevilles, Little Lazy, Rachel Wang, Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets, jake from the timeline, Aza Nabuko, Mia Stegner, Nomina, Piper Byers, Kallie Rock, Simiape, Nate Jacobucci, Kailyn Marie, John Consalvo, Gnome Chimpsky, Nicole Sumerlyn, Kings Cvstle & Dia Day, Kelsie Kimberlin, Carnival Mind, Simon Jela, Cheyanne Summer, Connor Musarra, Lisa Nicole, Dalia Lily, Karina Rae.

Header Photo by Rakicevic Nenad via PEXELS.

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