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Vella Pull The Trigger


Just seventeen years old and already making waves with a mighty voice and faultlessly passionate connection to her subject matter – singer and songwriter Vella delivers a heartbreakingly sensational performance throughout a poetic, soulful and uplifting Pull The Trigger.

Far from your more commonly presented pop sound, the new single leads with long-form soul-style melodies that progress throughout each section towards a stunning peak that is the hook.

Lyrically balancing metaphor and personal outpouring in a way that meets the natural authenticity and emotion of the voice, Pull The Trigger has the makings of a timeless soul classic – feeling like a huge arrangement, but actually maintaining purely a piano and voice partnership every step of the way.

Boldly beautiful, revealing and honest in both audio and visual, Pull The Trigger – this new acoustic version – connects for its deeply human purity. Vella commits unequivocally to the moment, and this realness, this fearless will to be completely exposed vocally and emotionally, makes all the difference.

Further securing her role as a uniquely captivating contemporary singer, bringing something undoubtedly fresh to the scene – as well as a vast and welcomed array of influences – Vella’s cover of Black Hole Sun is superb; a refreshing take on a rock classic, and a softly haunting yet powerful ode to the original recording.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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