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Karina Rae Bitch Boy


Far exceeding expectations from the title and retro font, Karina Rae offers a mighty reminder never to judge a book or a song before you’ve delved in.

Bitch Boy is a brilliant pop single, in short. Beginning with a multi-layered soundscape that’s as bright as it is energising and colourful, progressing through a delightfully addictive melody, becoming an easy hit in general; complete with a superb touch of electric guitar solo between vocals.

Tipping its hat to the pop-rock sound of the nineties – and, in hindsight, the retro artwork playing a similar card – Bitch Boy is a catchy number with surprisingly heartfelt, genuine verses to it. At the same time, the song introduces the artist Karina Rae in a memorable fashion – great vocals, accessible yet strong, emotive and meandering naturally through this melodic progression. There’s versatility in the sound, a sense of musical influence that runs across genres and generations.

Karina talks of love, those who are afraid of it – she offers deeper layers than the simple resolve of the name-calling title; a moment which, ultimately, simplifies the depth of the concept to round things up in a memorable and broadly relatable, contemporary way. A smart move, really, and a fantastic sound and style.

Bitch Boy is a song that will leave its melody and spiralling synth soundscape lingering in your mind long after the music has stopped.

Download or stream Bitch Boy here. Check out Karina Rae on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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