The album as an artform, true rock as a force of undying escapism, plus lyrical sensitivity – it’s a rare combination, but Edge have captured the essence of all of this, with the superb new album Latency, Vol. 1.

Hard RockMetalRock

Throughout twenty tracks we’re blessed with lashings of neo-electro sounds and captivating melodies, strong grooves and seductive lyrical journeys. The set can be pieced together like pages of an enchanting story – within which a plethora of individually enthralling tales and ideas relating to technology and love; to AI and humanity – to the static and the silence, all feature.

DreamwaveSynthwaveVocal Synthwave

The fullness of each track is fantastic, organic and powerful, reinforcing the theatrical, circus-like sentiments of The Carousel in a humble yet fitting way. The talent on show is unrivaled, the songs capture a level of magic that’s refreshing to immerse yourself within.

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