An established indie creative, supporting the release of this latest album with a biographical e-book entitled Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic, Meditative Animal brings a sound that’s somewhere between the likes of Bob Dylan, Rusted Root, and The Rolling Stones. But ultimately, it’s a style that’s quick to become a thing of its own.

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For those new to the style, you might find similar vibes amidst the hit movies of eras past – the days when street rap battles, break dancing and colourful clothes hung on the air like a stylish hit of opposition to the mundane. Reis Armstrong recaptures the purity of those days, and does so with original songwriting and a clear sense of unity and passion for the process.

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Classic rap vocals and contemporary girt and storytelling meet with a refreshing twist of experimental sound-play – Rolondo Rich takes full advantage of the creative space, for his brand new album Rich Dreams.

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The Waking Giant tells the tale of a tech investor recruiting a virtual reality developer. The aim is to establish a fully immersive retirement home, complete with full-time staff, life-support, environmental systems, and reinforced structures. As this system is built, however, the investor uses deep fake material to convince the developer to allow an AI engine to serve as a governing body.

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New music from jazz instrumentalist Messiah’el Bey comes in the form of a deeply heartfelt and ambitious project.

The boldly-titled Jazz Can Heal America’s Soul begins with a conversation relayed on top of a dramatic movie scene’s audio – a captivating excerpt, which that delves into the tribulations of slaves and quickly connects that to the current struggles of today.