Even having heard the project in full, there’s a lot left to the imagination – there are still many questions about the meanings of these songs & the feelings involved in the creative process; as was often the case with genuine grunge & alternative rock music.

Alt RockAlternativeGrungeMetalRock

J-Carter is a thoughtful artist, creative & expressive, unafraid to deal with topics others may stray away from. This is only his second album, and by the rate & quality of these releases – expect bigger & bolder things to keep on emerging.


Ridikule puts everything into this – the playlist pours through with creative & comedic skits, musical details that keep things interesting, and an overall theatrical level of passion & entertainment that reminds you of the classic breakthrough albums of the genre.


Hype! is an album ready & waiting to fill the room around you with chaotic energy & classic rock & roll brightness. It’s a project fit for the build-up to anything big – consider this your weekend playlist. 

RockRock & Roll

You can really lose yourself in this album as a playlist, the music is thick & loud & lets you escape reality, but at the same time – the songs deal with issues of the heart; things that matter, things that affect people.

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