Year One is everything its title implies and then some, a musical masterpiece standing tall on the strength of intention and self-reflection. Intimacy and universal sentiments walk hand in hand, and the music uplifts and breaks hearts all at once. An absolute must-hear this summer.

Committed to authenticity in its personal story telling and the clear emotional depth of E.J’s voice, this album devotes itself to unity and truth by way of the revealing complexities of the heart and soul.

GospelPopRnBSoul Pop

This is the style The Rubicon have mastered, and these songs are arguably the best of the best in terms of their commitment and authenticity in the creative realm. Feel the uplift, the warmth, the honesty and heart, enjoy the genre-free expression and unplugged realness of a band both nostalgic and refreshingly true to their own artistic needs.

AcousticPop RockSongwriter

Unequivocally the master of long-form rhymes that hold attention in both rhythm and intensity of story and revelation, Ultra_eko reaches new levels of leadership with this album, in musicality and writing alike. His consistent lack of will to adhere to the so called industry’s expectations culminates, presenting a ‘fuck the scene’ attitude reminiscent of the greats, only from an underground legend as yet unsurpassed in both ability and creative identity.

The flow is smooth, settled in its confidence, the production in keeping with the study and chill playlists of today only with an essential twist of recognisable melody from the keys. It’s a clever way to blend the popular and the recognisable, and makes for a welcomed opener for an eight track project that consistently calms you down.

Chill HopHip HopLo-FiRap