The Grind is a great song, intentional and clear-cut in its purpose – fresh yet easy to connect with and relate to. The song is fun, performed with passion and a sincere love for the art-form, mildly theatrical and entertaining in every way possible – yet at the same time, still firmly and authentically rooted in that raw, real and hypnotic Americana sound that is so very easy to get on-board with.


Dust is a raw and beautifully raucous country-rock track that pays an emotional tribute to the harsh reality of life as a cowboy. As is always the way with Rob Georg’s music, the song deals with the real world – real feelings, honesty, passion and struggle.


The @if’s latest release reacts to 2019’s National Women’s Day, on March 8th. The song quickly brings through the band’s unmistakable creativity, offering a slightly Americana-inspired musicality and a rather heavy anthem that’s quickly memorable. The @if’s approach to this song is seemingly to address feminism from, as implied by the title, the perspective of … Continued

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