A welcomed touch of organic funk and soul is just what we need when times are tough and the weather’s letting us down. Throw in a conceptual story-line that inspires unity and optimism, and you’ve got an easy hit. Stunning vocals meet with a gorgeously colorful soundscape of live instruments for this fresh single from … Continued

Big BandFunkPopPop RockSoul

Forever may be a complex piece, but it flows by in an effortless swathe of colour and skill. It doesn’t sound quite like anything else out there, and yet also sounds familiar. Now that’s a tricky balance to strike, and deserves some recognition.

PopProducerRnBSoulSoul Pop

It’s a very grown up album, properly thoughtful and mature. It’s quite dense and quite busy. But for those willing to take a dip in What’s That About? there is much that can reward you. I finished the album quite breathless and impressed. You should be, too.