Ultimately committed to its sense of living life in the fast lane, LaFerrari is all about escapism, and the production, arrangement, songwriting and performance all work to reinforce that.

Alt PopEmoTrap

Perhaps his first masterpiece, Leaving feels like a structurally knowledgeable yet still intriguingly alternative indie treasure of a track. I’ve mentioned The Eels previously in terms of that vocal rasp and warmth, the joyful twinkle of the instrumentation, but from a songwriting perspective Marshall Gray falls somewhere between the likes of the nineties emo artists and the more edgy realism of bands like Radiohead and REM.

Alt PopFolk PopIndie PopPop RockSongwriter

Originality and intrigue pave the way for a fascinating and wholly immersive listen. Lithuanian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer Aistis writes and performs with precision and mystique, for the wonderfully engaging, unique yet satisfying single Plateau Botticelli.

Alt PopSongwriter