POPMFS goes hard on this full-length EP, bringing hip hop fans some absolute classic vibes and some pretty unforgettable new tracks to embrace. Where Ya Been is the perfect opener, a high energy anthem with a melodic backdrop and a multi-vocal sense of togetherness.


The various vocal sections add further to the passion & creativity – the intensity & pace increases, the song starts to hit harder. The final moments are huge, a backing choir and a kicked up beat create beautiful chaos behind the artist’s soulfully meandering voice. 


There’s an unusual level of eclecticism on this project – the harder hitting rap tracks contrast cleverly with the more tentative, delicate ones – something you don’t often come across, particularly within such a short project. Flowasis has some big moments & is respectively creative from start to finish.


This EP is insane – every song is an epic anthem of classic rock, but it’s also never quite as you’d expect. Strangely Alright aren’t afraid to fill the moment with creativity & unpredictable instrumentation. A brilliantly well presented, uplifting collection that marks a huge moment in the band’s journey. 

RockRock & Roll

HeRo’s ability to explore ideas & storylines in a clever, artistic, rhythmic way, is immensely impressive. At the same time, he pours heart & soul into his performances, adding even more value. As if the nostalgic artwork for the album isn’t enough to get you pressing play, a promise of the worth within hopefully will.