Proxxes achieves a fine balance of all essential elements as a contemporary DJ. The skill require to let euphoric and evocative music fully embrace its listeners, alongside the creative ambition and heart to make something that feels genuine and ethereal. Weave in that inherent versatility, and whilst the Proxxes style becomes easy to recognise, no two tracks are ever the same.

EDMElectronic RockInstrumentalProducer

Humble but ambient design smooths out the thoughtfully uncertain edges of a songwriting style committed to melodic and conceptual intrigue. UK rock duo KIN TALA weave an unorthodox creative web that’s both unique and enchanting, for their impressive debut EP Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

Indie PopShoegaze

Retro synths and rising energy back up the classic rap flow of alternative artist Ar4$u. The new project Shoot Me With Your Heart presents a seven-track exploration of precisely what the title implies – the intricacies of relationships gone wrong, the highs and lows of love and heartbreak – and does so in a creatively distinct way.

Alt RapHip HopRap

Having served in the Marines in 2004, Kevin and his closest friends were hit by an improvised explosive device, seeing the latter perish and leaving Kevin fighting to survive. This event impacted his entire future in every possible way, and as such, music became an unparalleled tool for healing and acceptance.

Indie PopIndie RockShoegazeSoft Rock

Colourful and retro production sets a disco-kissed realm that’s merely a small introduction to an artist fiercely unconfined by genre or expectation. sykii lights up the uniquely melodic and vocally distinct project Blaze with unrivalled eclecticism and freedom of expression.

Alt PopDiscoIndie PopLo-FiProducerSongwriter

Aviram Spies ensures the connection between title and experience. A work that perfectly encapsulates the implications of its name – On The Edge of an Endless Forest takes you to precisely the purity and vastness promised. The sound is that of a nostalgic movie-made classical realm, familiar but unpredictable, and softly spellbinding to let play and surround you.

CinematicClassicalComposerInstrumentalNeo Classical