Leading with decidedly creative production and unwavering lyrical and performative grit, MoonChildJohnny’s latest EP, the aptly titled Anxiety, digs deep into human consciousness – the state of panic, uncertainty, isolation and, ultimately, optimism.

Hip Hop

Not only is the vocal talent and versatility clear, but the writing reflects the late-night thoughts and concerns of many of us, and the music follows its own notably artistic, unpredictable pathways.


Don Drago’s bars and his willingness to offer genuine insight, truth, and intelligent framing of ideas, helps elevate his music to greater peaks than the vast majority of his peers.

Hip Hop

Easily a band on their own unique trajectory right now, Ukraine’s Vovkulaka bring through a fuzz-thick electronic-rock sound, loaded with distortion, gravel, passion, yet plenty of anthem-like moments of melody and memorable chants.

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Kamryn Marie juxtaposes heavy, retro beats with a uniquely delicate, almost whispered leading vocal, and skillfully demands attention with her fine use of progressive melodies and poetic intention.