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Simon Jela Safe Place


Freshly released from his debut EP of the same name, Simon Jela’s Safe Place delivers precisely the warmth and escapism its title implies.

Driving with pop-rock sensibilities and smooth, softly expressive vocals, there’s a refreshingly clean mix to the track, and a clear strength of songwriting that shines with increasing brightness throughout.

An interesting style for the most part, Safe Place builds up subtly with a mellow, almost forgettable verse. The effect of this is that contrast works its magic brilliantly – the hook drops in with absolute energy and colour, elevating things immediately, and providing the subsequent verse with a mighty sense of urgency and intimacy combined. In short – the latter half takes the song from good to fantastic.

Simple yet satisfying, classically rooted in terms of the arrangement but also clearly built up of identity and intention that is the Simon Jela way with creativity. The final quarter welcomes in a chorus or choir of vocals for a truly immersive moment of unity – something that would likely translate beautifully on the stage – and afterwards, that final hook strikes with all the more power still.

Beautiful songwriting, an absolute pleasure to experience at volume. Inspiring, comforting, and faultlessly crafted.

Download or stream Safe Place here. Check out Simon Jela on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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