MAKELOVE - seamen - Stereo Stickman



An aptly detailed, softly cinematic acoustic breeze washes through to light up a beautifully melodic folk-pop single from MAKELOVE.

Initially striking up something of an Empire of the Sun vibe with its acoustic rhythm and vintage tone, seamen soon goes on to bring in a somewhat nostalgic, almost doo-wap style vocal melody, equally nostalgic in voice, and a brightening, uplifting soundscape that increases its embrace throughout.

Conceptually focused, lyrically clever, subtly metaphorical and undoubtedly quirky, seamen feels like a timeless classic. A dreamy beach-side mood suits the storyline with ease, as do these breathy ‘oohs’ that softly lull us into a state of calm for the outro.

Complete with the setting closing in around you – or rather, allowing your mind to wander off entirely, down to the sea – this release is quickly memorable, comforting in its familiar set-up, and brilliantly characterful; a mildly infectious introduction to an intriguingly named MAKELOVE.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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