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simiape Neon Cherry / Mellow Fluid


Freshly released, the Monkey Mood Music EP welcomes a handful of original tracks from creative producer simiape.

Minimalist in style initially, a little retro yet imaginative, Neon Cherry makes for a strong introduction as the third track and a tripped-up, melodic and bass-thick realm of hypnotic progressions.

Coming in at a clean six minutes, Neon Cherry settles into a groove fairly quickly but makes fine use of the rest of its timespan, with welcomed moments of riff, electric guitar, rising energy and unexpected organic aspects; all of which helps light up the original simiape approach to musicality.

By the latter half, Neon Cherry energises brilliantly – a clear calling card of the artist, in hindsight – addictive loops envelop and embrace, proving easily recognisable, stylish and satisfying in the process.

Elsewhere in simiape’s catalogue, Mellow Fluid is a definitive highlight. Adopting a new pathway, drum and bass sentiments with soulful layers of voice and melody for a fuller soundscape that rains down around you quite blissfully, this one makes for a personal favourite.

Another extended lifespan tips its hat back to a simpler era, those in which dance music was an experience – not simply a means of attracting interest with a radio-ready structure.

Mellow Fluid maintains creative freedom throughout, with pauses, vocal isolation, flickers of sax and a generally captivating, colourful journey for listeners to embark upon.

Further expanding on the simiape versatility, Run is a comfortingly immersive, somewhat delicate yet also intense at times composition, with equal parts of that initial retro style from Neon Cherry and the more overwhelming fullness of Mellow Fluid.

Sure enough, we begin to locate the threads between tracks – despite clear eclecticism, there’s a sense of identity to the sound, and that’s no easy thing to achieve in contemporary production. Once again, the latter half pops off unexpectedly, shortening the length of phrases for a rising level of anticipation that begs the body to move.

For one last draw to keep you interested, Cosmic Void is a recommend for its sci-fi weight, faster pace, tumbling echo of bass and the somewhat industrial, haunting use of detail.

Here we find ourselves rightfully thrown into the void, reverb-kissed layers of expressive notes and the mighty strength of the rhythm unite for a completely engaging listen; one that again presents a level of nostalgia, which can only be crafted by producers with both the skill and the passion to really take you there.

Not purely a musician, but a hobby photographer and an individual with a focus on the shared world and sustainable living, simiape showcases audience awareness and self-escapism alike throughout his ever-growing collection of releases.

Check out simiape on Soundcloud, his Website, or find photography here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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