Aruba fourpiece activemirror. first crossed our path last summer, with an engaging single that quickly showcased their heartfelt passion and distinct sound as an indie unit. This year, backed by a multitude of live shows, and prior to their headline slot at the 2024 Hi-WINDS Festival, the band reach greater heights than ever, as their new single Serendipitous proceeds to raise the bar.

Indie RockRock

The serene and soothing fusion of breathy vocals and smooth keys and production, allows for a sweetly seductive sound, as RnB songwriter and artist Khalil Amaru delivers the intimate and impressively catchy love song I’ll Be Yours.

PopRnBSoul Pop

An intimate recording captures beautifully the crisp and warm sound of acoustic guitar, humble rhythms and naturally paired voices. The Beige return with a beautiful Folk Pop anthem, a thoughtful ode to the inevitable passing of time, and appropriately well-suited to the current Spring season.

AcousticFolk Pop

Tay relays the pain of a life lived amidst both struggle and ambition, and the lyrics that explore this are impressively articulate and thoughtful in their fusion of poetic metaphor and literal references. The result is that the words and the piercing energy of the presentation all connect in a fiercely honest way.

Alt PopEmoEmo RapHip HopRapperTrap

Introducing a slick modern trap groove and anthem with a quirky twist. Seven year old Lil’ David is the rap prodigy creating out of Houston, Texas, a child star bringing the clean fun back to modern hip hop.

Hip HopRap

HEating is the band’s latest single, a fast-paced and post-punk exploration of the inescapable cost off living crisis. What feels at first like a fun and perhaps quirky anthem and performance, soon evolves into a boldly evocative and devotedly heavy ode to the painful decisions being made by millions of families and individuals across the UK. ‘HEating or eating’ resounds from between the fierce crash of the drums and the chaotic meandering of power chords and bass.

Hard RockIndie RockPost PunkPunkPunk RockRock

An explosive anthem from the helm of a multi-instrumentalist with a clear passion for great songwriting. Drummer and artist Marlhy explores and celebrates the highs, lows, and unique beauty of youth, with the infectious indie rock single Young and Naive.

Indie PopPop RockSongwriter