From humble Spanish guitar flickers through the soulful and smooth delivery of the main vocal, Memoria offers a world-music and culturally diverse listen, which soothes the mood and indeed awakens the senses in favour of appreciating the beauty and wonder of our realm.


Great vibes and poignant lyrics creatively intertwine, as Afrobeat singer and songwriter Olivier Cheuwa presents the deeply contemplative and self-reflective new single STRANGER.


Dreamlike acoustic guitar sets the mood, intimacy and musicianship engaging with a romantic aura, before we’re introduced to the lightly trippy rhythms, distant saxophone, and breathy, melodic and evocative vocals.


Euphoric dance-pop with a breathy softness and emotional core. LA songwriter and artist Louis Torre accesses the beating heart of California living, with the emotional poignancy and sublime production of new single feel something.

Dream PopEDMPopRnB

Troielle masters the space in both lyric and performance with this release. Arrangement-wise the set-up is easy to vibe to, softly picked electric guitar, a few ambient layers, hi-hats, all supporting this long-form expressive vocal, through a story that feels both deeply personal and broadly metaphorical.

Dance PopElectro PopRnBSoul PopTrip Hop

All at once we get the hypnotic chaos of a full production, and the raw vulnerability of a songwriter attempting to understand and connect with all that has come to pass. That balance is rare, and a huge part of what gives The Soldier such a unique sound right now.

Electro PopSynth Pop