Embracing the contemporary tones of hip hop and RnB, yet with an impressively detailed and progressive soundscape, Balagosa drives with quickly memorable melodies on this single – short lines and a hook that draw you in from the offset and keep you rhythmically engaged throughout. Production-wise there’s a dreamlike quality to this track, it doesn’t … Continued

Alt PopHip HopRnB

Rising up slowly, from intimate delicacy and subtle hints of saxophone, to the fully immersive embrace of an EDM soundscape, the song celebrates love and a sense of spontaneity – inspiring the search for freedom, a moment of peace and calm outside of the rat-race.


That bass-line gets right to you, sinking through the body with an unavoidable force, adding instrumental flair to an already striking pop song that’s easily memorable.


This is the kind of moment and indeed song that music fans can turn to and escape within, questioning things themselves, whilst being calmed by the overall good energy and multi-coloured ambiance of the single.

Hip HopRnB

Raw, fresh, no autotune in sight, Jack Da Union put across a narrative with great clarity. The lead vocal is laid back, swagger-filled, unconcerned, close to the mic and in our faces. It’s a classy piece…