Verde Rose kicks off 2020 with an easy hip hop anthem that utilizes a few simple elements and layers, offering up a smooth hit of intimacy that more than lives up to the metaphorical implications of the title.

Hip HopRnB

Won’t Let Go is an unusual track, but it plays this card with confidence and style. There are sudden moments at which the beat falls away, laying bare a change in melody, a change in tone and passion, and these help elevate the song to greater plains.

Alt PopPopRnBTrip Hop

Fusing melody and rap, clever references and long-form bars alongside quick rhymes, the single showcases a range of talents and a genuine thread of personality that introduces the G-Pak sound with style and intention.

DancehallHip HopRnB

Contrasting big beats and a warm, synth-led soundscape, with the absolute delicacy of a higher-toned vocal lead, Las Olas proves as exotic and ambient as its title implies, and introduces Pariz Noir in a uniquely memorable way.

Alt PopElectro PopPopRnB

There’s a creative heart here, one that sees Pac Marly toy with the very structure of the music, moving seamlessly from melody to rap; meeting a slight dance-hall bounce with the darkness and integrity of authentic hip hop.

Hip HopRnB