Firmly rooted amidst the Pop and RnB songwriting of a simpler era, the heartbreak song with the memorable metaphor, Do Time also makes sure to modestly incorporate elements of Afrobeat in its unique rhythm both from the beat and the flow of each artists.


Committed to authenticity in its personal story telling and the clear emotional depth of E.J’s voice, this album devotes itself to unity and truth by way of the revealing complexities of the heart and soul.

GospelPopRnBSoul Pop

Naturally an earworm but also non-intrusive and quite creatively refreshing in everything from production to performance, If u don’t mind appears to almost ignore the sound of the current mainstream in favour of Mikyla Cara’s own artistic identity and musical preference. That authenticity is key, and the humility and heart of If u don’t mind shine brightly in light of it.

Neo SoulPopRnB

For those new to the style, you might find similar vibes amidst the hit movies of eras past – the days when street rap battles, break dancing and colourful clothes hung on the air like a stylish hit of opposition to the mundane. Reis Armstrong recaptures the purity of those days, and does so with original songwriting and a clear sense of unity and passion for the process.

Old SchoolOld School Hip HopOld School.RapRnB

Creatively intertwining lo-fi guitar pop with long-form RnB vocals and poetic, appreciative lyrics, Oisín impresses with a fine fusion of professionalism and passion, for the infectious new single Summer.


The serene and soothing fusion of breathy vocals and smooth keys and production, allows for a sweetly seductive sound, as RnB songwriter and artist Khalil Amaru delivers the intimate and impressively catchy love song I’ll Be Yours.

PopRnBSoul Pop

New music from jazz instrumentalist Messiah’el Bey comes in the form of a deeply heartfelt and ambitious project.

The boldly-titled Jazz Can Heal America’s Soul begins with a conversation relayed on top of a dramatic movie scene’s audio – a captivating excerpt, which that delves into the tribulations of slaves and quickly connects that to the current struggles of today.