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Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets Shilo


While it’s alway a pleasure to revisit older releases from Chris Watkins, it’s a greater pleasure still to hear brand new songs from the organic artist – not least of all the beautiful Shilo, from the album Arizona Raincoat.

Holding close to the bare essentials, Shilo brings together the cleanly mixed vocals of two singers, male and female voices paired throughout, alongside the simple strum of an acoustic guitar.

The style is ultimately akin to the likes of I Will Follow You Into The Dark, blending darkness and optimism in a strangely compelling, heartbreaking yet wonderfully comforting fashion. Melodically though, and topically, there’s a whole new air of something decidedly poignant, relevant, and moving about Shilo.

Rooted amidst faith and storytelling, Shilo offers detailed scenes and a personal vulnerability united for something that feels nostalgic yet crisp and contemporary in delivery.

The delicate tremble and intimacy of Chris’ voice injects a certain realism into the performance, and the smooth confidence of the feature alongside it brings a welcomed dynamic that elevates the beautiful embrace of the song all the more so.

Coming in at under the two-minute mark, Shilo immediately urges you to replay it – a wish that it were longer, but effectively an intriguing introduction to the album, the longer project.

Timelessly impressive, talented and purposeful with his writing and musicianship – the songs of Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets are always worth taking the time out to experience.

Download the music via iTunes. Check out Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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