An established indie creative, supporting the release of this latest album with a biographical e-book entitled Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic, Meditative Animal brings a sound that’s somewhere between the likes of Bob Dylan, Rusted Root, and The Rolling Stones. But ultimately, it’s a style that’s quick to become a thing of its own.

AcousticAlternativeBluesBlues FolkBlues RockFolk RockPsych-FolkSongwriter

Monsters blends story and style in a way that’s frankly unrivalled right now. We’re in the artistic territory of early 2000s triphop and dark dance – the melodic appeal, the depth and weight of distortion and design, the conceptual detail and subtle riffs. Genre feels like a secondary aspect of what is ultimately an artistic encapsulation of mood and scene.

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