For fans of the likes of Orla Gartland through to KT Tunstall, Tales from a Bird’s Bedroom is a gorgeous and rather faultless collection of folk pop songs. The production has a level of warmth about it, which brightens up the organic layers that build each track, and Meels delivers the very best of her songwriting and vocal abilities in a natural and enchanting manner.

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Perhaps his first masterpiece, Leaving feels like a structurally knowledgeable yet still intriguingly alternative indie treasure of a track. I’ve mentioned The Eels previously in terms of that vocal rasp and warmth, the joyful twinkle of the instrumentation, but from a songwriting perspective Marshall Gray falls somewhere between the likes of the nineties emo artists and the more edgy realism of bands like Radiohead and REM.

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Inspired by the sentiments of Dostoevsky, the project drives with an organic passion for living in a wonderful world. Florence offers folk-pop melodies, distinct vocals that soothe and suggest, alongside simple keys and mellow rhythms.

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