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Bad Mother Nature Mad Oklahoma


Western rock with a Spanish flavour, introduced with some beautifully expressive finger-style guitar, followed up by an arrangement that proves increasingly immersive and energising – Sacramento’s Bad Mother Nature hit with unquestionable impact for this release.

Fusing genres in a fearlessly creative way, Mad Oklahoma manages to drive with strength of song-writing alongside a notably free manner of sound design.

The band’s organic approach, a chorus of voices reminiscent of a simpler decade’s rock, and the poetic warmth and emotion of their song-writing, helps elevate the whole thing and keep it familiar even with its clear sense of identity.

The melody and the unity of the voices quickly invites audience participation. Not in a heavy anthem-like manner, but in a subtle, almost cinematic way. This is the big finish, the final scene, and you want to feel as involved as possible while the story unfolds.

A brilliant sound but also some fantastic song-writing – the sort that impresses more and more so the further along you get. Superb musicianship really lights up this process, making the post-four-minute single one of the most refreshing yet also nostalgic to emerge so far this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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