One for the divine electronic audio fans – producer and artist NAO crafts with an impressive balancing of emotion and professional precision.

Awake is the latest single to emerge, a finely-built soundscape of softly euphoric synths, deep house warmth, and delicate, lighter contrasting vocals.

DanceDeep HouseEDMElectroHouseProducer

Fragments of voice and melody light up the outer edges of this relentless and euphoric rhythm, distortion playing its part for that wholly enveloping power of sound, and structure too weighing in for a crucial dynamic; which helps shine light on the unique nuances of Robot Sunrise all the more so.

DanceEDMHouseProducerTrip Hop

Hard-hitting Techno at a faultless tempo of 148, surrounded by brief melodic bass and key progressions that subtly introduce a mood and sense of movement – H.I.O.B offers up the detailed and euphoric new track Roahr.


Threads of nostalgia draw in even the most hard-tuned old school ravers, before ambient twists of oriental melody and calming synths balance out proceedings. Introducing an addictively all-consuming audio deep-dive…