Hard work and passion fuse with talent to get the most artistic and interesting results. Earleybird has his own style and consistently pushes forward with that and with essential drive and intent – and this is still just the beginning.


Poetry and personality walk hand in hand, guiding you through this four minute journey and keeping you calm as the thoughts fill your mind. It’s an easy pleasure to have this play for you, the sound is refreshing right now, partly nostalgic yet partly brand new and exciting in being so.


There’s a firmly rooted street or gangster rap vibe to this album from Malripken – both the soundscape and the lyrical performances alike offer that gritty, intense and energetic aura that was the peak of the genre throughout the nineties.


Dutty reaches new heights with his poetic and honest outlook here. Every line compels you further, drawing you in even more so and building stronger emotional connections – to the point that a single listen is far from enough. 


Fusing a calming and colourful ambiance with a thick, mellow hip hop beat, the artist presents a contemporary balance between rap and melody, all the while throwing references to confidence and hard work into the mix in an inspiring, energizing manner. 

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

That Kid Roy’s follow-up to Watch Me comes in the form of a four-track EP – Rookie Of The Year – smoothly produced and featuring an inherent sense of determination and confidence that relevantly links back to his previous release.


3mind Blight toys around with the art-form, with the writing, the effects – the song is partly for all of us, accessible and vague, yet certain moments within the verses take the form of a personal deep-dive into the artist’s own past and his role within this world.

Electronic RockHip-Hop

Carefully fusing a crisp acoustic guitar sound and a thick yet mellow drum-line, a uniquely recognizable hip hop backdrop supports this emotional rap flow and story-line from bich toe. 

Emo RapHip-Hop

There’s a sense of identity to it, those contemporary hip hop layers are still present – the rhythm, the confidence, the leadership vibe and a sense of independence – but musically and indeed in the way POPMFS has structured this, the whole thing speaks volumes for originality and creative freedom.