Sad But True is a truly artistic and consistently impressive release that creates its own rules and flows with the natural rhythm of these as it pours through. Lahana’s voice and his style of writing are fast becoming easily recognisable traits within an otherwise overly familiar music world. Creative freedom and identity unite to stunning results.

Alt PopFolk PopHip-Hop

Being rightfully unafraid to take control of the track and work as a master over the soundscape, the artist needs only the strength of his bars, the memorable rhythm of that hook and the title concept, and precisely this kind of laid-back level of confidence in order for the music to leave its mark.


Feeding straight into the sound of contemporary hip hop and alternative pop, Fly Shit is a quickly melodic, anthem-like track that offers the colour and simplicity of an easily recognizable hit.


Cheesecake Jesus and DJ Spinnz collaborate to quickly creative results for this latest release. Leading with a raw and live sounding accordion riff, the track breathes new life into hip hop, driving with an uninhibited approach that incorporates whatever musical elements the artists deem necessary.


Having self-awarded this as ‘arguably the 4th best Hip-Hop Funk Fusion Rap Song About Food Of All Time’, Max Wassen walked into this with a comedic intention, but honestly – the track has such a good groove & is brilliantly well-crafted, you tend to feel the embrace of the music & the performance above anything else.