Fusing the better parts of all that’s uplifting and energizing about music in general, Energy is everything the title promises and then some, progressing from a simple swagger of a moment to something multi-layered and fully immersive.


No effects or filler necessary – The Project tackles the topic of the opioid epidemic in a harsh and cutting way, reaching out in a manner that’s vague yet poetic enough to hit anyone with impact.


Consumed brings through a conceptual playlist that lays bare an artist showcasing a certain balance between that which is deeply personal, and that which is a little more vague and broadly accessible.


There’s something about this artist and this sound that just breathes innovation into the scene. At the same time, the softness and humble delivery of that leading voice is so quietly confident that there’s an additional level of realness and even something slightly endearing about the whole thing.

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Following the release of his superb new album Drank & Bottled Up Emotions, we were blessed with the opportunity to interview artist and rapper Byron Bank, to find out more about his creative process, his thoughts on modern rap, and his hopes for the future. Here’s the conversation in full.  * * * Hi Byron – thanks so … Continued


Mute Davinci doesn’t hide behind anything – the music and the lyrics work as a unit to portray a sense of realness and purity. Even when effects come into play, they’re artistic choices – not something included just to sound relevant or to overcome a bad vocal; far from it. Mute’s voice works well in just about any setting.


17th Letter is an artist with a clear understanding of crafting an ambiance and a moment both musically and vocally with his releases. Kawasaki introduces precisely that style of creativity in an instant, slowly building a soundscape around its listeners that’s all at once contemporary and calm.


Gangsta rap has taken something of a backseat in recent years, thanks to the rise of mumble rap and other sub-genres of the hip hop world. Strong A.R.M works hard to reignite that spark. His voice stands immensely tall on this record, the verses reach out thanks to a spacious and lightly synth-washed backdrop, so your focus is on the words – the journey, the bars, the calm yet intentional delivery.


Fusing a fairly retro, ukulele-driven soundscape, and a delicate, distant vocal melody, with a heavy bass-line and a crisp, contemporary rap flow, the song is anything but familiar, and yet it makes perfect sense just the way that it is.

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