If you can think back to the days when mix-tapes were exactly what they promised to be, this is the kind of raw & real outpouring you’d hope for. Every artist on this project puts something immense into the work, and the music backs up & supports the strength of the flow & the creative, professional arrangement of ideas.


Rose has the addictive qualities of an alternative hit, complex in terms of the details & the thought that’s gone into it, but simple in terms of the melody & the overall vibe & sound you take away. Undoubtedly a top track from the whole of 2018 so far. Incredibly clever, catchy, stylish, and refreshingly unique right now.

Alt PopHip-HopReggaeRnBSoul

There are bars here, clever lines and soulful deliveries, as well as a clear connection to the art form and to this musical soundscape. The perfect kind of vibe to see you through the remaining quarter of 2018. 

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

The simple joy of a well written song upon an entrancing musical groove. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this pouring through via playlists everywhere.


The subject matter here is thoughtful, intelligent, reflective in a deep way and inspiring to listen to. There’s something real being pondered throughout, the heavier content intertwined with that which is lighter and more laid back.


There’s a speech at the heart of it – a graduation style reminder of the depths of the world and our roles within it. In addition, the music has a certain hypnotic softness that fills the room in a soothing way. 

Hip-HopPopSpoken Word