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mei anima time and space


Strong organic grooves and brilliantly poetic pop song-writing create the perfect chemistry throughout this smooth yet rhythmic new single from mei anima.

Simple and satisfying in its live-band funk and melodic progression, time and space goes on to present a likable dynamic – a superb shift to the hook melody for an anthem-like moment, and indeed a vocal switch for added character and story exploration.

The hook that is the central brightness of time and space works quickly to elevate things from good to fantastic. The vocals continue to evolve following this moment, increasing the passion of the performance as per the changing energy of the lyrics. Meanwhile, subtle changes in the soundscape reinforce this – a descending warmth from the keys, additional vocal layers and fragments, guitar play.

The whole is just a treat to let play at volume, there’s even a well-placed and humble yet expressive solo during the final quarter – completing the process faultlessly.

mei anima re-set the bar to greater heights with this pop-rock offering of both intriguing and catchy origins. Well worth a few streams throughout the coming months – by far one of the best and most accessible tracks to emerge this side of the year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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