Aruba fourpiece activemirror. first crossed our path last summer, with an engaging single that quickly showcased their heartfelt passion and distinct sound as an indie unit. This year, backed by a multitude of live shows, and prior to their headline slot at the 2024 Hi-WINDS Festival, the band reach greater heights than ever, as their new single Serendipitous proceeds to raise the bar.

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HEating is the band’s latest single, a fast-paced and post-punk exploration of the inescapable cost off living crisis. What feels at first like a fun and perhaps quirky anthem and performance, soon evolves into a boldly evocative and devotedly heavy ode to the painful decisions being made by millions of families and individuals across the UK. ‘HEating or eating’ resounds from between the fierce crash of the drums and the chaotic meandering of power chords and bass.

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Devoted ukulele rock legends Winchester 7 & The Runners are about to hit the ground rightfully running. Their brand new album The Waking Giant tackles an imagined yet poignant realm in which a savvy tech investor seeks to create a wholly AI-driven immersive world for the retired, the wealthy, and the doomsday preppers alike. The … Continued

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The Waking Giant tells the tale of a tech investor recruiting a virtual reality developer. The aim is to establish a fully immersive retirement home, complete with full-time staff, life-support, environmental systems, and reinforced structures. As this system is built, however, the investor uses deep fake material to convince the developer to allow an AI engine to serve as a governing body.

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MC and singer Zachary Campos, known for his unique fusion of rap and punk music, launches another single from the upcoming album Funky MC. This time the artist reflects upon the daily ache of Traffic – an indie anthem inspired by the turmoil of the local road-route to his gigs, and indeed by the escapism offered by music when trapped in the car.

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Anthemic by design but also unafraid to push the creative boat out further than mainstream officials may recommend, Signature Gold effectively unite alternative and accessible rock and metal with this release, and showcase great songwriting abilities at the same time.

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