Musically colourful and uplifting, lyrically poignant, political and unapologetic, The Rest Of Us leads with clear-cut images and scenes, and at the same time injects a boldly catchy groove and melodic thread to really make sure these ideas linger in the mind. A job well done.


Faith speaks out on behalf the value and magic of believing in better – holding onto the light at the end of the tunnel, and staying focused on taking steps towards it whenever things get difficult.


Prior to the launch of his new anthemic self-titled EP, we caught up with New Jersey songwriter and musician Sleepwalker, to find out more about the music and his journey to this point. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Unmistakable in both image and musicality, The Soapgirls have earned the respect of the scene thanks to their refreshing fusion of hard work, talent, and gratitude. Their efforts have seen them rise up from busking the streets of Cape Town, to performing on South African Idols, to embarking upon a huge US tour.

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Backed by another fireside set of visuals, juxtaposition is a crucial aspect of the artistry of Björn Donath. The music presents an ambient to heavy metal arrangement but at a surprisingly mellow, cinematic tempo, the scene feels arena-ready and boldly passionate, yet the setting is calm, collected, ready to relax. The whole thing utilises polar opposites to captivate its audience, and the result is a rather perfectly timed three-plus minutes of expressive and modestly evolving emotion.

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