Straight Six take you back a couple of decades with authentically fast-paced, gritty rock & roll on this album – the sort that fills you with fire and an energetic lust for life. Full Circle hits hard from the offset.

RockRock & Roll

It’s hard to put a flavor label on exactly what EverIgnite’s particular strain of rock is, but if I had to describe it – it’s everything rock has been in the last thirty years, aged to perfection & served smooth.

Hard RockMetalRock

You’re likely to appreciate Alden as the artist rather than simply the musician. In the way that alternative bands from a decade or two ago would take the time to build something expressive & meaningful, whatever the topic or cause, Alden has gone in for this same level of creativity.


Swedish indie-pop duo I Am Nova made waves throughout the past year with their explosive live shows, and now – with the release of Good Enough – they rise even higher, showcasing some brilliantly infectious & energetic pop songwriting. 


The whole thing builds up from the offset and works hard to surround and embrace its audience. At the final hurdle, The Blackmail Seduction remind you that a real-time gig is the place to be – these songs will undoubtedly explode into new realms of life during a live set. Brilliant songwriting and a pleasure to have fill the room.