Funky disco-pop extraordinaire MC Shep returns just weeks after the launch of his latest catchy groove. The new single brings yet another infectious melody, nostalgic rhythm, and easily accessible stream of choregraphed moves.

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New music from MC Shep can only mean one thing – it’s time for a catchy groove. Promising another quirky anthem, this time with an addictive shuffle and a classic bass line, MC Shep leads with an easy set of dance moves and a song that simply relays those moves in a Cha Cha Slide kind of fashion.


“I’d describe my music as jazz, but in the widest definition of the word. I’m allowing myself to constantly explore different genres, including ambient music, funk, electronic classical/orchestral and pretty much everything in between. This includes music for film, TV and video games.”

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Everything its title promises and then some – Omer B’s latest globally collaborative gem is the aptly-named Orange Jam; a funky celebration of fun-loving musicianship, combining a strong groove with wah wah peddle-play and a smooth twist of calm for the middle-8.