Drum and Bass has been through a hellish realm of copycat construction over the decades. The genre peaked back in the 2000s, and though it never lost its appeal within the rave and club scenes, the original essence of creativity seemed to lose its grip in favour of simple energy and beat repeats.

Enter Austrian producer dnbmoo, with one of the most intoxicating and refreshingly humble original drum and bass releases in quite some time.

DanceDrum and BassEDMProducer

Performatively nostalgic, the song has the anthemic energy and production quality of a nineties power ballad, elevated all the more so by the equally retro dance design of the soundscape. The energy builds, and both Veronica’s delivery and the musical set-up creatively reinforce that evolution.

Dance PopEDMPopRnBSoul Pop

One for the divine electronic audio fans – producer and artist NAO crafts with an impressive balancing of emotion and professional precision.

Awake is the latest single to emerge, a finely-built soundscape of softly euphoric synths, deep house warmth, and delicate, lighter contrasting vocals.

DanceDeep HouseEDMElectroHouseProducer