Quick to grab attention, Chives uniquely fuse infectious rhythms with raw indie instrumentation, passionate vocals and long-form melodies, resulting in a sound that’s genuinely their own right now.

Alt RockIndie RockRock

Freak sets out to be declamatory and certain, with human guitars and a questing vocal performance. There’s something of Simon Le Bon’s melodic choice about the whole affair; a New Romantic sense of panache amidst the grooving to help set the 21st century alight!

AlternativeIndie RockRock

Stunning harmonies meet with beautifully captivating poetic imagery and a powerfully structured soundscape, to bring back the emotive alt-rock songwriting and depth of a simpler time for this debut from Local Man Dies. More than this in fact, Cilice is a mighty song for so many reasons . Where the initial delicacy is so pristine … Continued

Emo RockIndie RockSoft RockSongwriter

Lost Paradise presents an indie-rock & slightly Brit-pop-inspired soundscape – cascading guitar riffs, a raw drum line, a boy-next-door vocal. Then you get the lyrics, and this long-form, consistently developing melody, which puts me in mind of Freddie Mercury.

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