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Daniel Blake Jakarta


Songwriter and artist Daniel Blake takes on the depths of heartbreak across a plethora of stories for this brand new, powerfully emotive EP.

As a strong starting point, the title-track from the project Jakarta introduces Daniel’s stunningly delicate way with writing, arrangement and performance.

Gentle acoustic fingerpicking and breathy, lightly doubled vocals meet with fragments of piano and synth-like intricacies in the outer layers, as this quickly personal display of loving sentiments, loss, scene-setting and vulnerability reaches out.

The melody is beautiful, simple at first so as to draw you in with hypnotic familiarity, then rising up to this softly passionate resolve that is the hook. We’re in the territories of folk-pop, but there’s a strong sense of identity to the music – think Bon Iver, re-working the genre in favour of purpose, sound-design and connection.

Gorgeously poetic writing and intimate deliveries allow the purity and uncertainty of the writing to really take hold. The Jakarta EP in full is something of a melancholic yet genuine hit of escapism, or rather – a bold and beautiful embrace of understanding, for those lost in the aches of heartbreak themselves.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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