For a guitarist, nothing is more frustrating than a guitar that won’t stay in tune. Whether you’re playing live or practicing at home, tuning stability is important for a good playing experience. One popular solution to this age-old problem is the use of tuner locks’. These tuners can make a huge difference in maintaining your guitar’s tuning stability.

Inspired by the greats and designed to bring out the very best in your creative music production, The LINK: Sound Kit intertwines the nuances and sounds of industry legends, from Drake to SZA, Travis Scott and Lil Baby, whilst providing the modern music producer everything they need to carve out an unrivaled style within the scene.

Despite the influx of home recording and the indie entrepreneur, the most memorable and immaculate music recording studios maintain their elite status. This is thanks to an established combination of reputation, space, cutting edge technology, and location. It will always be a dream for serious musicians to record at, say, the infamous Abbey Road, and … Continued