Ace Rose contrasts the haunting backdrop and slick flow of classic rap, with a surprisingly ambient, melodic and soulful hook, for the naturally juxtaposed but impactful single Go For Broke.

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Retro synths and rising energy back up the classic rap flow of alternative artist Ar4$u. The new project Shoot Me With Your Heart presents a seven-track exploration of precisely what the title implies – the intricacies of relationships gone wrong, the highs and lows of love and heartbreak – and does so in a creatively distinct way.

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Chicago rapper and artist Goldy delivers a summer groove fusing colourful production and a calm yet captivating flow. Donald Glover is a single from the superb debut album ORO, and it underlines the mellow but confident wordplay and distinct vocal tone of Goldy in a way that’s easy to vibe to.

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Introducing a timeless Old School Hip Hop track with a catchy musical backdrop and a passionate set of smooth and captivating bars. DJ Brother MANIAC is a creative entrepreneur who consistently gives back to the community that raised him, and the single and video Dyn-O-Mite marks a fine display of his strengths as an independent artist.

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UK rapper and artist J.Eka welcomes in a refreshingly ambient, melodic production style, to match up with the conscious and cleanly-mixed bars of his writing – Bread & Wine is a smart and stylish alternative to contemporary hip hop, and creatively ticks a lot of different boxes as it smoothly pours through.

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Featuring a gripping storyline that’s personal in lyric but relatable and broadly compelling in the accompanying video, SnapDibz recreates the story of the Karate Kid with My Life’s visual counterpart, depicting a child’s reaction to being bullied and ultimately finding his strength. Meanwhile the music relays a tale designed to engage with and inspire those who are struggling to find their way.

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