A quirky concept made relatable and memorable, plenty of energy and bounce, a striking bit of artwork. Off Gate does everything it needs to do, and it does so in a stylish, surprinsgly quiet, non-intrusive manner.

Hip HopTrap

Sniper Girl is fascinating, the verses draw you in with darkness and difficulty, then the hook resolves with a sense of optimism and self-belief – the inspiring notion that better is always possible, regardless of how dire your circumstances may be.

Hip Hop

Refreshingly creative production helps quickly elevate this EP before the rap aspect even steps up to the stage. Throw in a beautifully mellow, classic and freely meandering hip hop vocal, and the result is a fine fusion between jazz-cafe vibes and thoughtful, poetic reflection.

Hip Hop

Blending the immediately joyful simplicity of a spacious, minimalist yet colourful soundscape, with an equally carefree, clean-cut vocal style, Polite kicks into gear with a softly hopeful bounce of good vibes, and it continues to impress unexpectedly throughout its lifespan.

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