Introducing a slick modern trap groove and anthem with a quirky twist. Seven year old Lil’ David is the rap prodigy creating out of Houston, Texas, a child star bringing the clean fun back to modern hip hop.

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Ma$terPeace is the creative behind the soundscapes, with Dre Marshall on hand to co-produce and mix the final ear-worm and timeless classic that is the completed reach of GO. For the remixes, Monica Blair features on the first, Crown and Chelsea Reject on the second, each enlisted to draw further focus to the conscious contemplations within the writing of GO.

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Continuing the contemporary quest to fuse genres with freedom and style, Zachary Campos takes us back to the simplicity of gritty original punk, and effectively intertwines that with an old school rap approach that feels almost like an unedited freestyle.

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One year on from the rise of his uniquely honest project Hard 2 Luv, we caught up with the ever versatile rapper and artist Brandonrxse. Currently immersed in the making of another full-length project, Brandon reflects on his past work, his changing inspiration, his ambitions, and plenty more. Here’s the conversation in full. * * … Continued

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Youthful optimism elevates the raw DIY sound of Levon’s latest ode to love. You’re My Guardian (Of My Galaxy) brings together a warped indie soundscape of guitars and retro rhythm, with a Hip Hop top line that fearlessly displays a deep-running gratitude for the love and company of a significant other.

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