Songwriter Jon Casto fronts the acoustic and atmospheric World Music tones and conceptualisations of Universal Appeal – an act devoted to intertwining the deeply personal and the broadly relatable.

The Price Of Liberty showcases precisely these qualities, presenting a sense of individual journey and political poignancy throughout its exploration of liberty and this callout for freedom and possibility.

AcosuticAlt FolkFolk RockMusical TheatreSongwriter

Presenting an increasingly enchanting, uplifting and memorable arrangement, You gathers momentum consistently and impressively, finding its groove amidst the brightness and embrace of Country and Americana, with an impassioned vocal delivery and chorus that naturally lingers in the mind.

AmericanaCountryCountry FolkFolkFolk Rock

The big-band sound of folk rock and pop shines brightly, alongside a welcomed touch of intimacy in the breathy vocal-lead and traditional acoustic folk verses. Swedish songwriter SATRE delivers an uplifting to euphoric anthem in poetic celebration of love, with homebound.

AcousticFolk PopFolk RockPop Rock

Big vibes from world music creative act KOMASI. Masupian is an infectious organic track with a funky set-up and pace. The vocals inject a passionate call and response hook, following gritty, expressive verses from an all-encompassing performance that’s as captivating as it is addictive to listen to.

Big BandFolk RockFunkHip HopWOrld Music

An established indie creative, supporting the release of this latest album with a biographical e-book entitled Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic, Meditative Animal brings a sound that’s somewhere between the likes of Bob Dylan, Rusted Root, and The Rolling Stones. But ultimately, it’s a style that’s quick to become a thing of its own.

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Instantly likable, catchy and engaging, and beautifully dedicated to a young rockstar named Elton, People Like You is not only a soulful anthem to celebrate the wonder of life, but an evocatively personal look at the happiness one specific person has brought to our protagonist.

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