Shreya Preeti leads with a smooth and soulful vocal on this alternative pop-RnB fusion single Junkyard. The track, or at least the live version, offers an organic musicality that’s refreshing to witness – the performance in full is of a supremely high quality, and there’s plenty of passion connected to the moment throughout. 


Musically the song feels rooted in contemporary pop-dance fusion, but it’s the structuring and the progression through the melodic vocal sections that ultimately grab the attention of the listener and make for something easily memorable.


Cross My Heart sounds beautiful, passionate & musically supreme. It’s memorable in a subtle fashion, not intrusive or irritating to have running through your mind – on the contrary, it feels soothing to consider the loyalty & love at the heart of the song; even with its turmoil & regret – that realness is everything.


The song itself leans in a notably soulful direction as things intensify, but this is primarily down to the development of the melody and the sheer effortless emotion and movement of that vocal. An easy beat and plenty of space, a hint of reverb, a flicker of guitar and synth later on – this is all that surrounds the writing and the performance for the most part.