Working its magic as both a timeless pop hit and indeed a clear acoustic contender – one that would no doubt connect beautifully in a stripped-back, unplugged live setting – Atmosphere marks a fine introduction to an established songwriter, with a clear talent and style of his own.

Folk PopPopSongwriter

Performatively nostalgic, the song has the anthemic energy and production quality of a nineties power ballad, elevated all the more so by the equally retro dance design of the soundscape. The energy builds, and both Veronica’s delivery and the musical set-up creatively reinforce that evolution.

Dance PopEDMPopRnBSoul Pop

New music from MC Shep can only mean one thing – it’s time for a catchy groove. Promising another quirky anthem, this time with an addictive shuffle and a classic bass line, MC Shep leads with an easy set of dance moves and a song that simply relays those moves in a Cha Cha Slide kind of fashion.


Florida’s Zach Ryan Haller, known to the scene as ZRH, aims high this year with the launch of his exotic album Shirtless. From this, the single Rendezvous showcases the limitless creativity of the ZRH sound – a unique take on English-language reggaeton, built out of collaboration with Spanish composer Alex English.

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