Featuring a gripping storyline that’s personal in lyric but relatable and broadly compelling in the accompanying video, SnapDibz recreates the story of the Karate Kid with My Life’s visual counterpart, depicting a child’s reaction to being bullied and ultimately finding his strength. Meanwhile the music relays a tale designed to engage with and inspire those who are struggling to find their way.

Hip HopHip Hop FusionPopRapSoul Pop

While the verses tell a story of deceit and betrayal, the song is essentially a celebration of knowing that things always come back around – a deep-rooted understanding that those who hurt others end up getting hurt themselves soon enough.


Always unpredictable yet heartfelt, Eddie Wang consistently releases original songs that intrigue by both topic and design.

For his latest offering, Eddie presents the theatre-style depth of his voice by way of a long-form ballad and a brilliantly memorable pop hook.


Ultra Feminist isn’t purely a call out to all feminists, but a personal ode to an artist’s own liberation from a tumultuous and isolating past. It’s a heavy topic, but the song has a certain lightness and positivity to it, which works well to juxtapose the issues within. In other words – If you like the title; you’ll love the song.

DiscoElectro PopPoetryPopSongwriter

Naturally an earworm but also non-intrusive and quite creatively refreshing in everything from production to performance, If u don’t mind appears to almost ignore the sound of the current mainstream in favour of Mikyla Cara’s own artistic identity and musical preference. That authenticity is key, and the humility and heart of If u don’t mind shine brightly in light of it.

Neo SoulPopRnB

Piano-led indie pop and breathy vocals depict a contemporary sense of influence amidst a poetic and personal style of writing. Argentinian artist Pilar Victoria, now based in Texas, rises up from intimate and acoustic to anthemic and bold, with the increasingly likable single Headphones.

Indie PopPopSongwriter

Unafraid to showcase both vulnerability and sheer self-confidence, Special Feeling reflects upon the juxtaposing emotions that make up much of a creative’s life. There’s the insecurity and openness required to connect, and then there’s the unapologetic desire and drive to be noticed.