Easily a stand-out single from Sarah Belle to date, modern pop with a fair few twists of identity in everything from lyrical presence to freedom of vocal melody to the unique sound-design traits that are the instrumental choices and overtones.


From atmospheric introductions through the dreamy and hypnotic Nirvana, the sound emerges as delicate yet purposeful, with a clear sense of rising anticipation for dynamic as the story and melody progress.


Forever engaging new listeners with unparalleled vocal strength, fresh melodies and uplifting, energising yet inventive pop anthems – songwriter, artist and producer Estella Dawn takes on the topic of hindsight.


Reinforcing the image and colourful contrast of the sound, creative artist W!G launches the official visual for Candy Land, and aptly underlines the back and forth between melancholy and fun throughout the scenes.


Balancing electro-pop delicacies with grittier and even explosive pop-punk moments for the hook, the song Panic aptly and artistically encapsulates its very concept throughout both the performance and arrangement.

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