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Rachel Wang SAVE US B4 IT’S TOO L8


Deeply emotive and honest song-writing lays bare an intimate way with contemporary creativity as this beautifully immersive, crisp yet characterful new project from Rachel Wang emerges.

Beginning with the slowly rising intensity of Angel Of Death, detailed verses showcase a sense of detachment and lostness, before the outcry of the hook declares an obsession with death that’s all at once relatable in dark times and powerfully passionate.

As the eight-track project continues it quickly becomes clear that Rachel has a certain recognisable way with production and writing – and indeed performance. These threads hold this poetic and thoughtful project together with unbreakable strength. The style varies occasionally, only for versatility, but the essence remains.

Prisoner is an addictively hypnotic and rhythmic ambient dance track with a soulful core and a superb hook – one that satisfies with a descending melody and an additional voice for dynamic. A personal favourite, storytelling and intimacy beautifully crafted to connect.

Before You Go takes the modern production even further with auto-tune and a long-form, almost hip hop and RnB style verse, but balances this out with genuine heart and an again piano-led ambiance.

You can visualise these songs in the live setting with either a full band and lights or just the artist and her keys – a quality that often helps musicians stand the test of time.

Through Smoke Signals we get the rising anticipation again, and FEELINGS follows as something of a timeless pop hit with a melancholic edge. Then there’s a stylish and bass-heavy ANIMAL to re-energise the room.

The Graves is familiar again but unique in tone and concept, still melodically addictive, right before a poetic and personal Nightmares fades out and around you with strings and synths creating an emotional downpour.

Underlining its title sentiments in a variety of ways but essentially holding close to this theme of relationships and longing, uncertainty and heartache, SAVE US B4 IT’S TOO L8 feels aptly fresh in design and enjoyably authentic in subject. The music embraces listeners, and the artist builds a genuine connection with these open and meaningful performances. An easy choice for late night escapism.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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