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Mr. Jackson & Tyler Carlson Tired


Introducing a humble yet supreme new collaborative single, with an edge of vulnerability and natural humanity that really connects – Mr. Jackson and Tyler Carlson join forces for the beautiful Tired.

Perhaps a slow burner for the fresh way in which the hook has been crafted – this long-form melody to contrast the comfort of a classic keys-led, jazz-pop arrangement – Tired makes sure to really kick in with presence by the time that hook rolls back around.

After this, each replay provides an immediately satisfying drop back into the melody, into the honesty and appropriate tiredness of the lyrics.

Freshly released from the album The War On Gravity, Tired makes for a bold and soulful, seductive introduction to both Mr. Jackson and Tyler Carlson.

Featuring a melodic shift and mood change to match for the middle-8, the song takes equal parts familiarity and freedom to weave an intimate, original yet comforting web of uncertainty – relatable for its longing, its distance, and its loving ache.

Both singers put in stunning performances throughout Tired, and the space between the two styles, the depth and the rasp of Jackson alongside the breathy delicacy and faultless meandering of Carlson, makes for a blissfully soulful, immersive and passionate listen.

The very essence of the song is held up unquestionably by the genuine connection of each artist to the subject matter and the music. As a result, the simplicity of the instrumental elevates things all the more so – nothing flashy or fake is needed.

Minimalist yet mighty – a timeless hit that’s a euphoric joy to escape into at volume; with an equally captivating, professionally shot video to back it up.

Download or stream Tired here. Check out Mr. Jackson on Instagram.

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