Faith speaks out on behalf the value and magic of believing in better – holding onto the light at the end of the tunnel, and staying focused on taking steps towards it whenever things get difficult.


Prior to the launch of his new anthemic self-titled EP, we caught up with New Jersey songwriter and musician Sleepwalker, to find out more about the music and his journey to this point. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Building up from what feels like a folk-rock anthem in the making, into a piano-led dance-pop realm of higher energy and conceptual inspiration, No Competition ultimately introduces a songwriter with a clear ability to frame ideas in a melodically enchanting way.

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Songwriter Jon Casto fronts the acoustic and atmospheric World Music tones and conceptualisations of Universal Appeal – an act devoted to intertwining the deeply personal and the broadly relatable.

The Price Of Liberty showcases precisely these qualities, presenting a sense of individual journey and political poignancy throughout its exploration of liberty and this callout for freedom and possibility.

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Crafted during a time of profound personal turmoil, the single speaks out on behalf of self-worth and not seeking validation from external sources. It’s an incredibly relevant topic given the rise of image-based influencers, and SABINA has approached it in a broadly accessible, musically timeless fashion, effectively presenting a classic power-ballad with a stylish twist of modern contemplation.

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