Lauren keeps things real in an almost spontaneous, in the moment fashion, and by doing this – she allows the song to build bridges towards any number of listeners; those who have unexpectedly found themselves caught in a whirlwind of deep thoughts, questions, and uncertainty. 

Alt PopSongwriterTrip-Hop

Rikke’s writing and a her softly raspy vocals pour through among organic and uplifting soundscapes that are quick to calm the room. Absolutely worth a run through – a quality songwriter.


Combining traditional acoustic guitar picking with a heartfelt and gentle yet unapologetically real approach to songwriting and performance, Bookmark is a gorgeously organic song – one that gradually gathers momentum and paints a captivating, poetic story-line before you. 


For the couples out there who are looking for their song or something new to represent their feelings about one another, Buckner steps up to the stage with this deeply personal yet not overly detailed piece of music and writing – the perfect kind of love song that can be shared in and appreciated by just about anyone.