Created in direct response to the consistent rise of conflict and hate in the USA, Big Bus Dream releases the evocative protest single AMERICAN – an organic soft-rock arrangement and song reflecting on times past and the subsequent downward spiral of division and violence.

AmericanaPop RockSongwriter

Ultra Feminist isn’t purely a call out to all feminists, but a personal ode to an artist’s own liberation from a tumultuous and isolating past. It’s a heavy topic, but the song has a certain lightness and positivity to it, which works well to juxtapose the issues within. In other words – If you like the title; you’ll love the song.

DiscoElectro PopPoetryPopSongwriter

Originality and intrigue pave the way for a fascinating and wholly immersive listen. Lithuanian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer Aistis writes and performs with precision and mystique, for the wonderfully engaging, unique yet satisfying single Plateau Botticelli.

Alt PopSongwriter

Piano-led indie pop and breathy vocals depict a contemporary sense of influence amidst a poetic and personal style of writing. Argentinian artist Pilar Victoria, now based in Texas, rises up from intimate and acoustic to anthemic and bold, with the increasingly likable single Headphones.

Indie PopPopSongwriter