Upanishads – a Hindu reference, a sacred text, presented here as a free flowing Hip Hop single. There’s a ton of depth to Upanishads, an plethora of striking scenes and metaphors to unpack as we roll through, and meanwhile the music seeks to calm the soul – opposing forces luring you in deeper and deeper as the walls of these thoughts immerse you.

Conscious RapHip HopRap

That quality seems rare these days – the skill of rap and writing bars coming second to image and volume in many cases. Here though, in a refreshing turn away from the emo and simple bangers scenes, Too Humble pays tribute to the dawn of Hip Hop, whilst introducing a rightfully calm and collected artist with a clear talent for engaging listeners on the mic.

Hip HopRap

Taking Names offers a plethora of deeply poetic, metaphorical and impressive lyrics – the sharpness and intelligence of which permits the song the worthy status of requiring you to listen more than a couple of times to grasp every idea. There are depths to the music, and as such, each time you do revisit, the music and story hit with all the more impact.

Hip HopProducerRap

For those new to the style, you might find similar vibes amidst the hit movies of eras past – the days when street rap battles, break dancing and colourful clothes hung on the air like a stylish hit of opposition to the mundane. Reis Armstrong recaptures the purity of those days, and does so with original songwriting and a clear sense of unity and passion for the process.

Old SchoolOld School Hip HopOld School.RapRnB

Classic hip hop production and rhythmically catchy vocals make up the memorable anthem that is WTM. Loui Lion captures attention with ease, What’s The Move? resounding like an earworm throughout a soundscape of haunting synths and trap rhythms united.

Hip HopRapTrap

Classic rap vocals and contemporary girt and storytelling meet with a refreshing twist of experimental sound-play – Rolondo Rich takes full advantage of the creative space, for his brand new album Rich Dreams.

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Introducing a slick modern trap groove and anthem with a quirky twist. Seven year old Lil’ David is the rap prodigy creating out of Houston, Texas, a child star bringing the clean fun back to modern hip hop.

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