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February’s Indie Wrap-Up


This past month has been incredible for independent music releases, and what’s more, even the mainstream is starting to feel like a real place of creativity once again – the likes of Sam Fender and The Last Dinner Party are topping the charts with purpose and power, legendary bands like Pearl Jam, Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm and Kings Of Leon all have new singles out – what’s not to love?!

We couldn’t let the newly bloomed indie realm pass by without one last celebration. So, here’s our round up of some of the most epic original songs that crossed our path throughout February, 2024.

* * *

February 1st brought us the unforgettably anthemic Partner In Crime, from Chicago indie rock project In Case Of Elimination – a colourful track uniting instrumental melodies alongside low-key eighties vocals and a captivating storyline. That week also introduced us to Na’Jaii, with the Afro-Soul track Anesthesia, Myles Thomas with EDM hit Dance Like You Don’t Care, and brought new music from instrumental collaborator Omer B – as well as a mighty new page in the Bad Bubble story of a life, the beautifully dreamy Blonde.

Also still impressing the airwaves is the sensational old school hip hop track Echo Park Lake, from rap dup Tha Crown and Dukalion, then in stark contrast we were gifted the sound of instrumental piano serenity in the form of TK 390‘s Etude #4, and at the other end of the spectrum – the unignorable ferocity and production brilliance of 3mind Blight’s latest motivational metal track Stand Up.

Marcus Porter raised the mood with the brilliant rap-pop earworm Celebration, the stunning compositional calm of Angelo Nicola Giulano welcomed us with Whispers of Love, and the superb Irish alt-metal force that is Chiral kicked off a unmissable career, with the unforgettable I Bring Chaos.

We were also introduced the unique styling and sound of alt-rock married couple Waking Stone, with their riff-strong single Ashes To Ashes, and the wonderful songwriter Eddie Wang laid bare the depths of loneliness with the quirky and heartbreaking single I Bought Myself A Cake. Ryan Mills Presents captured the essence of eras past, with the sublime Illuminate, and DILA united with Murphy and Angela Hsieh, for the stunning EDM banger HURRICANE.

February was a big month for singles but also a great start to the brilliant albums of the year. Bending Grid prepared to launch the mighty 20-track synth wave adventure Parallax, and The Cow Cats celebrated the unstoppable force of country music, with their album Country Cousins. Deaf Whale also completed their divinely impressive album trio with the enchanting rock project Trails Of Gold, and the sensational Edge Band delivered their addictive and timeless hard rock album Latency, Vol. 1.

Softening the mood and soothing the soul was the album Towers of Plain, by instrumental guitarist and composer Mark Leedham, then throwing us a boldly eclectic curveball was Monti Korbelle, with his fascinating and provocative, musically limitless album The Absolute State of The Absolute State. Then we were blessed with an in depth interview to dig into the aptly majestic and engaging album Rock ‘n’ Roll for The Soul, by lifelong musician DownTown Mystic.

Keem Reign also delivered a huge new album loaded with memorable yet heartfelt, revealing anthems, aptly-titled Life Goes On, Switzerland’s Julian Sartorius shifted the creative landscape with his rhythmic mountaineering project, and Riven By Ravens teased the metal single Ten Years Ago Today, from their upcoming album Venerate.

One album that absolutely stood out this month was the brand new release from the iconic rap dup Lifeline and Scoob Rock. The Fire Within is an unmissable project, conscious rap and stunning nostalgic production throughout a deeply moving, impressively lyrical and skilful hip hop album.

Other noteworthy releases last month include the brilliantly unexpected groove and flow of Souleye’s conceptual deep-dive Final Frontier, the gorgeously authentic and poetic Raindrops, from the UK’s own Katie Brown, the wonderful Sweet Sadness from electronic producer EspeceX, and the intoxicatingly experimental EP Transharmonicon, from 5th Elevator.

A massive thank you every artist, band and producer who sent in their music last month. You guys keep the world inspiring, original and beautiful – Stay Creative!

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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