Ryan Mills Presents - Illuminate (Feat. Project Parallels, Qwill, Wordsworth, & REKS) - Stereo Stickman

Ryan Mills Presents Illuminate (Feat. Project Parallels, Qwill, Wordsworth, & REKS)


Celebrating the power of collaboration, Ryan Mills Presents joins forces with the mighty Project Parallels, Qwill, Wordsworth, & REKS, for the trip-hop and hip hop-fusion beauty of Illuminate.

Uniquely pairing the trip-hop Jazz production prowess of Project Parallels with a crisp old-school rap verse and soulful hook, Illuminate emerges with a striking balance of nostalgia and originality. The groove is timeless, bridging the gap between genres with effortless precision, and alongside that atmospheric design we get organic horn sounds and an enchanting meeting of melancholy and optimism.

Lyrically poetic and profound, forever in keeping with the imagery and mood of the music, Illuminate proceeds to impress in more than a few ways throughout its post-four-minute lifespan. Loaded with wordplay and ideas that recapture any wandering minds, the ambiance and vocal stream of consciousness appear to both juxtapose and embrace one another, making for a hypnotic yet intermittently captivating and provocative listen.

Unrivaled in its recognisable status and identity, Illuminate hits like a breath of fresh air amidst the current music realm, noting hints of similarity to the legendary underground creators of the nineties, but ultimately carving out its own refreshing style and sentiment.

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