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Bad Bubble Blonde


Continuing to move from strength to strength, this year backed by a label and ultimately hitting the scene with greater impact and work ethic than ever, the unmistakable and fearlessly emotive Bad Bubble releases an unexpectedly poignant new single, for Blonde.

Featuring just mellow piano and voice, the piano almost a freestyle accompaniment to this stream of consciousness vocal, Blonde directly addressees a significant other, and proceeds to blend melancholic sentiments with subtle musical optimism – in a way that’s become synonymous with the Bad Bubble style.

There are moments that feel utterly heartbreaking, and there are others that feel somewhat hopeful. However, the latter of these is brief, and imparted strictly by the music and the vague reference to a similarity shared. This idea of you and I both having scars is strangely comforting, and the warmth and simplicity of the music reinforces that comfort. But elsewhere, the lyrics present a sense of having lost our way, and of there being no tomorrow – no second chances.

As always, Bad Bubble presents a fascinating take on relationships and perspectives in life, something not glaringly obvious but residing more deeply within his lines and performances. The song reads like a timeless poem, one that offers a little more insight with each revisit, and the gentle, evocative vocal performance more than meets the requirements of that mystique and vulnerability.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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