TK 390 - Etude #4 - Stereo Stickman

TK 390 Etude #4


Something different – that word we’re always searching for without really knowing what will satisfy it. Enter TK 390, with an intoxicatingly fast-paced classical piano piece, which proves as brief as it is striking and memorable in impact.

Pouring through quite intensely from the outset, and wrapping things up just barely past the two-minute mark, Etude #4 feels like a joyful outburst and a chaotic journey of uncertainty all at once. The playing is distinct and purposeful yet breathless, a fusion of harmonised keys and mellow bass progressions with quicker-flowing top notes cascading all around.

As the listener, you can envision a performance soaked in passionate conviction and unrelenting focus. But also, there’s imaginative influence in the audio experience, a rise and fall embrace that excites and engages with you as it flows through the various stages of its own contemplation.

Ultimately compiling five piano Etudes ‘exploring harmonies, rethemes and techniques’, this release is part of a five-track EP from TK 390, within which they present a fascinating encapsulation of what’s possible with music in its most purest form. The skill and audio sensations united provide a captivating aura, as well as paying tribute to the legendary classical pianists and composers who paved the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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