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Angelo Nicola Giuliano Whispers Of Love


Simple by design, complex in the depth of its cinematic, imaginative embrace – composer and pianist Angelo Nicola Giuliano captures the raw essence of intimate piano playing, with the beautifully authentic Whispers Of Love.

From a musical perspective, the left hand presents the familiar rise and fall of notes, the slowly swaying chords, and the right tops this off with a lighter and more freestyle melodic expression – the embodiment of these Whispers of Love, perhaps. In reality though, what we get here is an authentic recording, complete with the light crackle of vintage vinyl implied amidst the weight of the keys and the space surrounding the performance.

Barely reaching past the two-minute mark, Whispers Of Love is subtle, soft and uncomplicated by nature, but presents a whole world of thought and feeling – no doubt unique to each listener – along the way.

Maybe you’re scrolling through books in a dusty library, with huge bay windows keeping the outside world quiet. Or perhaps you’re contemplating your own romantic connections both past and present. In either case, Whispers of Love is a refreshingly modest and moving piece of music, crafted organically and impactful for its clear sense of heart and soul.

Single out February 9th. Find Angelo Nicola Giuliano on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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