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Lifeline & Scoob Rock THE FIRE WITHIN (Album)


From the smooth seduction of Essence and the equal skill and sublimity of Signed Sealed Delivered, the mighty hip hop duo Lifeline and Scoob Rock finally deliver their highly-anticipated full-length album – and it’s every bit of conscious depth and musical bliss you could hope for.

Storytellers by nature, poetic and purposeful as they meander through the bars of any given creative soundscape, both Lifeline and Scoob Rock showcase the very best of their sharp and evocative way with crafting raps throughout The Fire Within. As an introduction to that unrivaled ability, the soulful depth of the writing, the superb musical arrangements – Lets Talk makes for the perfect opening track.

Sting follows the opener and the intensity rises, a cinematic vibe with a twist of Americana darkness amidst a subtle choir of delicate voices, all leveled up by grittier bars and a catchy ache of a hook. An outright addictive favourite for its stylish musicianship, catchy ska-like chorus, and the sheer ferocity and pace of the delivery.

Versatility is defiant on this project, but never in favour of skill and substance – far from it. The producers – The Cook, Boombap, Benny Z, Wesbeats, illwonder – showcase ever-masterful craft behind the mixer, while Lifeline and Scoob consistently present distinctly thoughtful odes to the highs and lows of life. Always the music feels personal and original yet also well-suited to the listener themselves – not overly showy, not an outpouring of just confidence and self-indulgence; not even slightly. This album feels authentic in its storytelling roots, but also somehow as if it was made just for you.

Beautiful is a mood booster, and a fine example of the above qualities in action. Then we get the bigger band presence and energy of Fire Within, wind instruments lighting up yet another creative corner of this collaborative realm. A rhythmically infectious highlight, followed by the equally bright yet lyrically raw My View.

Dumbfounded gets deeper still on that poetic front, reminding me slightly of the likes of both Grieves and Homeboy Sandman – that independent freedom allowing poetry to shine with unrelenting brightness and inspiration amidst organic, soulful beats.

Then we take a turn down a new pathway, for the ethereal and concise yet striking No. An unforgettable track, brief but perfectly impactful in its simplicity, self-belief and intention. Another unexpectedly addictive highlight, before fingerstyle guitar softens the mood for the mellow page-turner of a deeply heartbreaking and again memorable Let Me Tell It.

Acoustic guitar continues for a touch of folk and blues, to wrap things up with a perfectly-titled ode to precisely what makes this album captivate – Story. A fantastic closing track, and a stunning reminder of the realness, musicality, and literary finesse of this entire project.

Beautifully established – dive in more than a few times over this season; listen while your drive, while you work, to drown out or further understand the weight of the world. An album loaded with lyrical gems and addictive bass lines. The Fire Within is every bit as fiercely inspiring as its title implies. A modern masterpiece for the art of hip hop and all that it can be, and music to make you feel good – calm, capable, and ready to move forward.

Lose yourself here for a while; connect and feel connected with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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