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The Cow Cats Country Cousins


Lifting the mood of the room with their organic country musicianship and catchy, relatable songwriting, The Cow Cats kick off their latest album of originals, with the quirky and memorable song Thirsty University.

Country Cousins is the aptly-titled new project, an impressively eclectic arrangement of anthems and heartfelt odes combined. The opening song is quirky and suggestive, humorous and reflective all at once, as well as displaying the upbeat groove and musicality of The Cow Cats on a likable high.

After this, strong guitar-play takes the reins for Let’s Get Lost, the groove and vocal maintaining those roots of comfort for the project, before we shift into mellow piano and thoughtful longing, for the unexpectedly emotive Almost, Almosts – uncertain reflections proceeded by inspiring optimism and possibility.

“Rub some dirt on rejection –
get back on that buckin’ horse.”

Arrangement always matters, and the diversity throughout Country Cousins is a welcomed twist of play. Baby, Maybe in example switches to something of an electronically-kissed country pop and dance vibe, with a certain harmonised smoothness and a mighty chorus resolve; a celebratory anthem of togetherness at its peak, and a personal favourite.

Lotto Dreams follows and brings a twist of Americana grit and another dose of the unexpected for its horn-section. Relatable as ever, the song dreams big and offers an impassioned, uplifting performance. Naturally one of the album’s most memorable hits, and followed on quite perfectly by the change to an intimate, heartbroken and grateful Jackson. This emotive minimalism is taken further still by the piano-ballad follow-up Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

The Cow Cats really keep us on our toes with this project, an emotional rollercoaster in more ways than one, but also a simply enjoyable collection of 12 well-written songs.

The shoulder-swaying and sultry How Did I Find You? offers a well-placed dose of soulful guitar and raspy, quiet vocals at just the right moment, before the Western shuffle and nostalgia kicks in for the wildly upbeat scene-setter Downtown Nashville Tennessee – an outright hit of togetherness that begs for audience participation.

After this, the live show implications continue to appeal, for the heartfelt and equally engaging With a Whistle, Whiskey and Why – the big-band energy returning, the vocal distantly mixed for another shift in dynamic. Then the guitars get amped up and the rhyme scheme shortened, for the slick country rock song Just My Age, before an unforeseen redirection wraps things up at a defiant peak.

A Dinkin Problem (The Pickleball Song) is unmistakable, good vibes in strong supply, organic and an absolute earworm, with an essential twist of yesteryear musicianship that really gifts it that cinematic escapism to a simpler time. Fantastic guitar-play proves a lasting highlight, and when all is said and done, The Cow Cats deliver a listening experience that’s been thoughtfully and enjoyable curated. A timeless project that’s both fun and provocative to delve into.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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