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Chiral I Bring Chaos


Irish experimental renegades Chiral blow the roof off with this refreshingly creative twist on alternative metal.

Boldly unlike anything you’ll have listened to lately, the originality of I Bring Chaos is unexpectedly captivating. We begin with lo-fi grungy tones and whispered vocals, a hazy and muggy realm of guitars, heavy bass, and lyrical suggestions. Then out of nowhere, the grit and angst of the chaotic implication hits with piercing suddenness – a shift not gifted rising anticipation before its drop, but instead incorporated as a true artistic aspect of this explorative journey.

Irish fourpiece Chiral note hints of influence from the likes of Tool, Rage Against the Machine and The Prodigy, but ultimately carve out their own unrivaled art-rock alternative, which proves both seductive and unsettling in its gentle to explosive unpredictability.

Genuinely refreshing in style, also balancing the shock factor with a clear understanding of the importance of groove, mood, melody and sentiment, I Bring Chaos maintains its sense of identity and in the process connects with superb musicianship and brilliantly compelling vocals from frontman Adam Brewer.

Whoever said originality is impossible in this day and age has never let themselves fall completely and fearlessly into the creative process, which I believe is precisely what Chiral have done with the artistry and curious intensity of I Bring Chaos.

The band’s versatility is clear from this one song and video alone, and in many ways this is still just the beginning. An enjoyable act, paving their own way entirely. Absolutely worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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