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Monti Korbelle The Absolute State of the Absolute State


Creatively eclectic to its core, the new album from Pennsylvania songwriter Monti Korbelle encapsulates freedom of play and curiosity of concept.

From the opening alternative pop tones and ideas of Going In, through the instant redirection of hip hop’s nostalgic Fervent Citizen, versatility is defiant, and the depth of the writing intertwined with this is quick to intrigue.

The Absolute State of The Absolute State is the project, an album underlining its topical intentions from the outset, but proceeding to explore these in a mysterious and cinematically complex fashion.

Consider the shift to Tiffany’s Car, spoken recordings and ethereal synths pairing to create a wholly unorthodox dynamic. Are we inclined to take these thoughts seriously, or laugh at the absurdity? As the post-three-minute track unfolds, a frantic combination of both seems appropriate, and the aftermath is quite mighty amidst the euphoric synths and dance rhythms of Pulling Me Under.

Sixteen original tracks make up The Absolute State of The Absolute State, a playful yet dark embodiment of multiple layers of life, struggle, chaos and calm. Monti Korbelle no doubt has fun with the process of making music, but there’s intention to each choice – the tracks like pages of a book present some new twist or turn in almost every case.

From a broadly accessible perspective, highlights include the evocative and memorable A Girl Named Zara, the blissful EDM escapism of Are You Listening, the smoothly intoxicating trip hop gem that is Rivers Connect the Streams, and the brilliantly contemporary yet soulful Run So Far (these last two both personal favourites). Then on the purely creative production front, the likes of the enchanting and artistic Let the Wax Drop and Voices In My Head impress extensively – as well as the dissonant and haunting Take You There.

In reality, there’s a presence and power to this album in full that proves unlike anything else you’ll hear lately. The opening track feels like something of a red herring style-wise, an approach recaptured mildly for Hideaway, but it ultimately introduces well the thoughts and uncertainties scattered throughout each and every track of the release.

An electronic encapsulation of humanity, loaded with heart and creative precision, but distinctly unpredictable at the same time. The Absolute State of The Absolute State is fascinating, unexpected, and increasingly enjoyable. Each revisit lights up some new quality or feeling. A rewarding venture, worth more than a few streams this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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