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5th Elevator Transharmonicon EP


Ambient electronic escapism, finely crafted and with added appeal – fans of exploring the depths of sound-play will find the escapism and intricacies of Transharmonicon particularly fascinating.

5th Elevator is the artist, delivering an experimental four-track EP, with each piece based around loops created with analog synthesizers DFAM and Moog’s Subharmonicon. For the simplicity of dreamy electronic music as a go to, the avid fan can easily let this project play. For the artistically minded and retro tech fans, however, there’s a whole extra benefit to appreciate.

We begin with Immersion, aptly titled not only for its immersive weight and fullness, but perhaps also in its subtle connection to 5th Elevator’s other creative work. An established oil painter by trade, exploring art and audio is the lifeblood of all things 5th Elevator. The producer has been playing piano at a professional level for over 20 years, an experienced performer of Chopin, Dubussy, Rachmaninoff and Bach, to name just a few, and has also played acoustic drums for around a decade.

From Immersion, already eclectic and unpredictable in itself, we move into a more ethereal and spacious, mildly unsettling phase, for That Starry Night. Suddenly there’s a haunting overtone, prior to a much more high-octane pace as cascading synths collide and collaborate to bring up the intensity. We back and forth between minimalism and fullness again, an exhilarating dance vibe meeting with freestyle bass notes and moments of striking redirection.

There’s a clear sense of story or movement to the creative presentation, a feeling of being guided through these various scenes and emotions whilst becoming more and more intoxicated by their balancing of chaos and calm.

Moon 2052 follows, somewhat medieval synths meeting with compressed beats and rising anticipation. The track gathers momentum as it evolves, but maintains recognisable threads as a means of separating itself from the other three tracks. This one stands out for its melodic and energetic roots – an unmistakable fusion of electronic dance and playful musicianship and production.

To finish, Rays lightens the mood of the room, a brighter progression and a more familiar array of synths offering a blissful moment of celebration and optimism to conclude our journey. Still the 5th Elevator approach stands tall, the organic playing of the keys, the structural shifts and the freedom of the whole set-up, but that change in mood is valuable, and wraps up the Transharmonicon experimental realm in a way that leaves you keen to listen back through.

Currently located between Mexico and Russia, the uniquely distinct sound of 5th Elevator’s debut EP speaks volumes on behalf of an artist fully devoted to the cause. Backed by classical piano skills and a lifelong connection to old school rock, the project sounds different still to both of these extremes. Juxtaposition is enchanting, and rhythm is the beating heart of each composition.

Audio cinema, by all accounts – no dialogue, imaginative fragments of design and melody working in unison with the naturally connecting power of rhythm and movement. Transharmonicon is a brilliantly interesting, original EP, from someone promising a fine balance between musical precision and sheer artistic curiosity.

Download or stream Transharmonicon. Find 5th Elevator on Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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