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Tha Crown & Dukalion Echo Park Lake


Milwaukee breakthroughs Tha Crown and Dukalion collaborate to deliver a refreshing twist of inspiration and imagery.

The blissfully positive and focused story-telling and soulful embrace of Echo Park Lake injects a much-needed sense of humanity and heart into modern hip hop, and speaks volumes on behalf of the talent and integrity of both artists.

Featuring an old-school production of boom-bap rhythms, vocal fragments and organic piano, Echo Park Lake sets the mood with its evocative and nostalgic warmth. Following this we get faultless flows and deeply conscious writing from both Tha Crown and Dukalion, versatility impressing but ultimately the bars and rhythm of their delivery maintaining the song’s inherent passion and presence along the way.

Just two minutes and twenty-seven seconds in full, the old school approach is encapsulated with the brief yet striking essence of Echo Park Lake. Even the spoken introduction, the ambiance and the inspiring sentiments – ‘Don’t let the hard times change you’ – all breathes a refreshing wealth of possibility into the realm; and with absolutely no filler or falseness just to win attention.

Echo Park Lake stands tall on the strength of its own sense of purpose and performative ability. A mighty collab, and a pleasure to let play this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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