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Marcus Porter Celebration


Colourful pop production though stripped back and simple in essence, meets with a confident and rhythmically distinct rap outpouring, as Marcus Porter releases the aptly joyful new minimalist party anthem Celebration.

Impressively personal in its story and sentiments, Celebration proves far from simply a floor filler or rehashing of a nostalgic idea. The reality is a track that feels deeply evocative, revealing and vulnerable, backing fearlessly honesty storytelling with a consistently uplifting piano and beat combination that’s as bright and bold as the single’s own artwork.

Marcus Porter is the artist, a songwriter fusing a memorable and broadly relatable hook resolve with a notably intimate set of verses. The result is that the song can easily feel like it was written purely for the listener’s own celebration, but then on closer connection, allows you to also bridge that gap between artist and audience. This kind of approach is key when building a lasting role within modern music, writing that feels genuinely personal and new, but also maintains its sense of broader humanity and understanding.

There’s a heartfelt purity to the verses, and this, combined with the recognisable qualities of the production and Marcus Porter’s own regimental flow, all makes Celebration a fairly unmistakable modern Hip Hop-fusion release.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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