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DownTown Mystic Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul


Following the success of their 2023 project AmeriKarma, currently noting millions of streams in total, rock and roll revivers DownTown Mystic launch a further 11 original anthems, for the brand new album Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul.

Featuring organic guitars, strong grooves, riffs and melodic harmonies, the project secures the DownTown Mystic voice in both lyric and tone – the passionate rasp and the inspiring sentiments all united amidst catchy hooks and immersive full-band arrangements. Turn Around and Go is all of this, a mighty crowd-pleaser ideally placed as the opening track of the record.

Nostalgia is an important part of the DownTown Mystic sound, or rather – inspiration taken from a simpler era. In reality, there’s a clarity and consciousness to this album that permits it a clearly relevant approach. There’s also a subtle country or Americana twang to many of the songs, and given the global impact of country music lately, this too helps set in stone the band’s modern appeal.

Dead End Space is beautiful, and a fine example of the above nuance. The leading vocals feel impassioned yet accessible, the melody familiar and timeless, easy to connect with and remember. Then there’s the story, the subject mater, the details that help listeners escape into the moment and contemplate their own world as the music uplifts. Balance is masterfully achieved, in my opinion, and Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul continues to impress with it.

Undoubtedly an album that’s boldly confident yet aptly-titled, this release does indeed promise to deliver a soaring and satisfying hour-plus of Rock’n’Roll For The Soul. Not purely distortion and energy, but warmth, skilled musicianship, thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics – everything the soul craves from audio escapism and human connection.

Think A Little Louder is a fine example and a personal favourite, easy to play on repeat just about any time of the week. Then there’s the softer, almost pop-rock or Corrs-like appeal of And You Know Why. Versatility is valuable, allowing the album in full to maintain its grip on the listener from start to finish. Always the performance is top level, evocative and purposeful, faultlessly in tune with the underlying vibe of the music.

Other highlights include the outright anthemic pace and rock presence of Lost and Found, the contrastingly sultry sway and embrace of Soul’d Out – complete with its stunningly delicate vocal twist – and the timeless country-rock hit that is Redemption; an instrumentally simple yet striking boost during the latter half.

Also keeping things unexpectedly creative is Gongs of Karma – drawing focus, perhaps, to the influential ideas relating to the soul and the true meaning of this album. After this, a superb harmonica and piano-pairing brings a near-honky-tonk hit of scene-setting storytelling that’s quite euphoric at the penultimate moment. Brian Jones is another favourite, and leads us with lasting good vibes into the starkly juxtaposed ache and intimacy of an acoustic closer Last Teardrop.

Musically superb, conceptually unafraid to take things to the true depths of the human experience, DownTown Mystic blend vulnerability and confidence in a perfectly engaging, entertaining and rewarding fashion, with the entirety of this new album. Absolutely one worth delving into this season, and indeed a project with more than a few long-standing earworms to offer.

Download or stream Rock’n’Roll For The Soul. Visit the DownTown Mystic Website for more information or follow them on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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