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Bending Grid Parallax


Introducing a hugely anthemic and cinematic soundscape and song combination, creative producer Bending Grid gears up to launch an intoxicating and multi-layered synth-wave realm of passion and precision, for the twenty-track project Parallax.

Blending familiarity and freshness throughout an ever-eclectic playlist, Parallax features a handful of recognisable covers, but ultimately delivers an extensive collection of original and impressively diverse songs. The project employs the work of a boldly evocative vocal powerhouse in most cases, to elevate an array of already immersive and outright euphoric arrangements.

The project notes ambitious intentions, intertwining distinct and purposeful sonic aspects as well as presenting an intriguing conceptual exploration of the ‘cosmic unknown’.

In order to bring these choices to life, Bending Grid collaborated with a multitude of impeccable artists and musicians, and that extensive dynamic undoubtedly helps further the album’s versatility and consistent appeal. Collaborators included Jolie, Teya Flow, Roxi Drive, The Safety Word, Lucy Dreams, Berzan Önen, Violet Fears, Kero, Gulsah Brett, By Forever, and Kaarin Zoe Lee, and plenty more.

Self-penned as an epic synth odyssey, Parallax undoubtedly showcases the very best of the beauty of music in all of its forms.

Throughout the track-list we’re blessed with lashings of neo-electro sounds and captivating melodies, strong grooves and seductive lyrical journeys. The twenty tracks in full can be pieced together like pages of an enchanting story, a universe even – within which features a plethora of individually enthralling tales and ideas relating to technology and love; to AI and humanity – to the static and the silence.

It’s a poignant venture, more relevant than ever at present, and its depiction here meets with a powerfully uplifting musicality; and faultless performances.

Forever promising to push the boundaries of what’s possible with music, with creativity and storytelling, Bending Grid underlines the identity of an unparalleled approach to songwriting and production, with the uniquely provocative, hypnotic, memorable, and vastly enjoyable album Parallax.

Album out May 3rd – Pre-save PARALLAX. Read our in-depth interview. Find Bending Grid on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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