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Mark Leedham Towers Of Plain


Imaginative instrumental guitar music gets the mind wandering to blissful new plains – established guitarist Mark Leedham blends strong grooves and hypnotic melodies, throughout Towers Of Plain.

The opener is Towers – ideally suited to capture the affection of its audience. Musically simple by design, a familiar chord pattern, stripped-back to accompany the freestyling solo on the top line, Towers depicts a joyful energy, offering brightness and escapism that’s a pleasure to commit to.

Inspired by Leedham’s own travels throughout 21 countries, Towers Of Plain’s inception finally took place on the island of Anafi, in Greece – a backstory that sets the mood all the more so, as these waves of dreamy guitar and optimism surround and embrace you.

Grace Over Fire continues the calm and colour, a subtle new guitar effect and a structural shift to rising and falling notes presenting a whole new story and sentiment – whilst maintaining those essential EP roots.

These strengths continue throughout all five tracks, Leedham finely capturing the essence of enchanting musicianship, always considering the listener’s enjoyment and connection, but also showcasing (with welcomed humility) the increasingly clear ability of this lifelong musician when handed an electric guitar.

Fall is a soulfully satisfying, impassioned highlight, and the softer tones of Lake follow on quite beautifully – a touch of Jazz and Folk subtly peeking through, before the infectious hope and rhythm of Wonder wraps things up on a lasting high.

If anything, Towers Of Plain really leaves you wanting more. A genuine pleasure to listen to in full.

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