Perhaps his first masterpiece, Leaving feels like a structurally knowledgeable yet still intriguingly alternative indie treasure of a track. I’ve mentioned The Eels previously in terms of that vocal rasp and warmth, the joyful twinkle of the instrumentation, but from a songwriting perspective Marshall Gray falls somewhere between the likes of the nineties emo artists and the more edgy realism of bands like Radiohead and REM.

Alt PopFolk PopIndie PopPop RockSongwriter

This is the style The Rubicon have mastered, and these songs are arguably the best of the best in terms of their commitment and authenticity in the creative realm. Feel the uplift, the warmth, the honesty and heart, enjoy the genre-free expression and unplugged realness of a band both nostalgic and refreshingly true to their own artistic needs.

AcousticPop RockSongwriter

The UK’s own DJ Xylo captures the intoxicating essence of Drum and Bass, alongside a brilliantly creative twist of originality. The Law Of The Jungle is every bit as fiercely intense as the genre was back in the day, but also skilfully balances that with the haunting melodies and vocal fragments utilised throughout the four-minute … Continued

DanceDJDrum and BassProducer

Rhythmic electric guitar licks, mellow vocals, tribal rhythms and soulful layers of expression – a refreshingly humble but creatively faultless arrangement, which provides the rare quality of being music rightfully designed as a blessing; not merely an artist’s opportunity to showcase himself.

PsychedelicSoulSoul RockTrip Hop

Devotedly introspective Dark Pop with delicate vocal reflections and industrial rhythms, alongside haunting layers of distant Gospel voices and aptly church-like audio effects. Berlin-based artist Allo.B depicts a sense of creative depth undeterred by industry expectation or rule.

Dark Pop