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Na’Jaii Anesthesia


Freshly released from the brand new EP Jaded, Afro-soul-fusion artist Na’Jaii delivers an ambient and evocative conceptualisation of numbing the pain of existence.

The melodic and emotive single Anesthesia is quick to connect, a mellow rhythm and ethereal voices raining down in the distance, as a stream of consciousness poetically relays thoughts on the self and the intoxicating calm of escapism from that.

Fearlessly vulnerable, Anesthesia effectively blends an addictively immersive groove and soulfully poignant performance, with deeply reflective, revealing lyrics. The style feels relevant yet distinct, almost leaning towards nostalgic trip hop in production, but maintaining those Afro-soul and RnB roots in the melody and hook.

Produced by Dinuzzo and Mark Phase, Anesthesia speaks volumes on behalf of the direction and latest project from Na’Jaii. Inspired by Drake and Future as much so as Davido and Sade, the music brings a welcomed twist of honesty and artistic originality to the scene, and in the process connects for both the engaging sound of the audio and the deeply thoughtful nature of the writing. Na’Jaii’s own vocal performance proves finely in tune with both of these, sentimental and striking as it makes its way through the various sections of the song.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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